sodaPAY offers a number of settings to make your use of the app as smooth as possible.

Show Employee Numbers

This option enables the display of employee numbers on the Current Payroll and Employees screens.

Copy Last Pay

This option automatically copies the payroll data from the immediately prior pay period when a new pay period is created.

You can still make changes to the data if required before submitting the payroll.

Manage Default Pay Elements

By default, sodaPAY will show Gross Earnings, PAYG & Super on all employees as these elements are required for an STP submission to the ATO.

However, you can use this option add other default elements to employees.

Show Ex-Employees

This setting will show employees who have a termination date of today or earlier on the Current Payroll screen.

This will enable you to make STP submissions for terminated employees.

If you are on-boarding to STP part way through the financial year and have terminated employees who have been been paid in this financial year, then you can use this option to send their payroll data to the ATO.

Software Subscription ID

In order for the ATO to accept STP reports from sodaPAY on your behalf you must notify them of your unique Software Subscription ID.

You can do this by calling them on 1300 852 232 or logging into Access Manager with you AusKey or myGov credentials.

We’ll also email you a copy of these instructions in case you need them again in future.


This feature will automatically log you out of sodaPAY when the app is no longer in the foreground.