Payroll History

You can review prior STP submissions to the ATO from the Payroll History tab. You can access this tab from the tab bar at the bottom of the screen.

Payroll History

The Payroll History tab shows all of the previous pay periods you have submitted to the ATO in reverse chronological order.

Tap on the expand_moreExpand Icon to review the details of a particular pay period.

The Submission Version will be incremented if the chosen payroll has been submitted multiple times using Full File Replacement. In this instance submission date will show the last time the payroll was submitted to the ATO.

The expanded payroll history card will only show employees who were included in the submission to the ATO. If a particular employee was not paid in this pay period then they will not show as they were not included in the submission to the ATO.

No Employees Paid

If no employees were paid in a particular pay period, then the pay period will appear greyed out and will not have an expand_moreExpansion Icon.

If you try to tap on the pay period you see the snack bar message saying ‘No employees paid in this period’.

Full File Replacement

This functionality allows you to completely replace an STP submission with a new one if there was an error or corruption in the original submission.

You can only use this function to replace the most recent submission to the ATO.

Tapping the undoRollback for Full File Replacement button will:

  • Delete all data from the Current Payroll,
  • Replace the Current Payroll with this payroll, and
  • Increment the the Submission Version.

Note: The ATO discourages users from making Full File Replacements, instead, the ATO prefers that you make any corrections in the next submission to the ATO.