Managing Employees

Managing employees is easy with sodaPAY as we only require you to capture the bare minimum amount of data required to make your STP submissions.

Add Employees

To add employees tap on the add Add Icon.

The following fields are required to add an employee:

  • Family Name
  • Employee Number
  • Address Line 1, Suburb, State, Postcode
  • Tax File Number

The Employee Number will default to the next employee number available. You may override it by entering a different employee number. Once the employee record has been saved the employee number cannot be changed.

If you do not know the Tax File Number tap on the help_outline Help Icon for further guidance.

The employee avatar colour is randomly generated for a new employee. It can be changed by tapping on the palettePalette Icon.

Check the Working Holiday Maker switch if the employee has nominated as such on their Tax File Number Declaration – Question 8.

Updating Employees

All of the information for an employee can be updated at any time, except the Employee Number. The updated information will be used in the next STP submission to the ATO.

Tap the edit Edit Icon next to the employees name to edit the name.

Tap the clear Clear Icon next to a date to remove it.

Tap the palette Palette Icon to change the colour assigned to the employee.

Terminating Employees

An employee can be terminated by entering a Termination Date.

If the Termination Date is:

  • Today or earlier: they will no longer show on the current employee list.
  • In the future: they will show in the current employee list until the termination date is reached.

You can still process STP for a terminated employee by enabling “Show Ex-Employees” in the settings Settings.

Rehiring Employees

An employee can be rehired by removing the Termination Date from their record.

Tap the clearClear Icon next to the Termination Date to remove it.