Single Touch Payroll.

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Simple Data Entry

Simple Data Entry

sodaPAY collects the bare minimum amount of data required for your business to be fully STP compliant. There's no need to enter pay rates, overtime rates and hours. Just enter the pay period values for your employees and send them to the ATO.

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Familiar UI

sodaPAY uses the Material Design standard to provide a familiar user interface just like mobile banking.

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Privacy Protected

Security First

sodaPAY takes security & privacy seriously. That's why sodaPAY is not a cloud service. The data stays on you device until you're ready to send it to the ATO. After the tax office confirms the data has been processed we wipe it from our server.


$19.99For Life
  • Full Access
  • Unlimited Employees
  • No on-going cost
  • Phone & Email Support

Frequently Asked Questions

How many employees can I have?

sodaPAY has no limit to the number of employees you have. You may use the sodaPAY to make STP submissions for as many employees as you like.

Can I submit quarterly?

Yes, the sodaPAY app supports weekly, fortnightly, monthly and quarterly reporting.

Do I have to pay a subscription/monthly fee?

No, the sodaPAY app is sold through the stores on one-off payment basis. There is no on-going cost to you.

Where's the desktop version?

There isn't one... yet! However it's well and truly on our radar and we're exploring options deliver sodaPAY on the desktop. For now though sodaPAY is only available through iTunes and Google Play for use on your tablet or phone.

Do you have phone support?

Yes, we can offer support over the phone. Please send us an email to with your contact details and we can give you a call at time that suits you.

Customer Testimonails

Great product for managing my Single Touch Payroll. Very easy to set up and straight forward. Great value for money. I didn't want ongoing charges for STP software, so this product suits perfectly.

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Customer Testimonials

You’re amazing listening to customer feedback and acting on it so quickly.

Customer Testimonials

...I’m very confident that you’ll capture a big slice of the micro business market... I’ll be recommending sodaPay to anyone who asks me for advice.