Free STP

The best things in life are free. Or, in sodaPAY’s case, as close to free as we can make it.

Free + STP

Did you know that more than 10% of Australian small businesses do not have payroll software.

Little wonder that “STP + Free” is one of the most common phrases people are searching on Google.

Oh compliance. I would bet that this is not what you wanted to spend your precious spare time worrying about. There’s not much we can do about that, but we can help.

We know sodaPAY is the next best thing to free.

For the low one-off cost of $20 including GST, you will get sodaPAY app on your preferred device. iOS or Android, it is up to you. No matter what type of device you choose, sodaPAY submits your Single Touch Payroll reporting to the ATO in minutes.

Our sodaPAY app will act as the bridge to send your payroll data to the ATO. No need to change your existing processes, no new hardware to invest in. Simple. Straight forward. Cheap.

Compliance sorted. Easy.

We know this could be the best $20 your business spends this year.

Now what?

If you like the sound of sodaPAY‘s affordable app sign up here for news of when we go live.

See you in your pocket soon!