Why sodaPAY exists

We get it. Payroll is one of those items on the “to do” list that never gets any more fun, not even with more time and more experience.

When you finally have it figured out and pay staff, the ATO changes the rules. Now, you have to report these details online. Every pay.

You don’t have a payroll system (and didn’t want to pay for one, darn it!).

We made sodaPAY for you. You need an easy way to submit STP fast. You need to get back to business.

We are fans of certainty, and knew that mobile was the best way to do this. Single Touch Payroll on your mobile. Simple.

Why it works

sodaPAY app doesn’t work because it’s pretty (although it is), or because it has amazing tech (although it does). It works because it’s built to work with your current processes for payroll. It’s made for you.

When you use your own device with your own process, STP becomes a small and manageable change. We aim to delight you with how easy reporting can be.


Submit STP in minutes. You have certainty that you have reported. Your staff can log in to their MyGov account and see the reported amounts. The ATO is happy, you are happy.

The real magic of real-time reporting lies in the confidence you will have that you have met your obligations. Low cost, fast and easy, all done on your phone.

You bake it, plate it, pour it, build it, make it and create it. We will deliver your single touch payroll reporting with sodaPAY.

Together, we make it work.

Now what?

If you like the sound of sodaPAY‘s affordable app sign up here for news of when we go live.