Introducing Single Touch Payroll

Trying to manage your business today is complex.

What even is Single Touch Payroll (STP) anyway? How can you take care of it quickly and simply?

The Australian Tax Office has introduced real-time reporting (known as Single Touch Payroll).

From 1 July 2019, you must report payroll details every time you pay staff.

How does sodaPAY help?

Software out there can be expensive, especially for a small business.

Business owners often end up subscribing to software. Keeping overhead costs low while you work on running your business well can be tough. sodaPAY saves you money and time.

sodaPAY makes single touch payroll reporting simple. Best of all, it is affordable. You only pay once for the app. That’s it.

What makes us different is that we work with your current processes. sodapay works on the device in your pocket right now.

Some reasons to use sodaPAY

  • You already have your payroll process sorted
  • You want to stay on top of your employer obligation to report via STP
  • You want no ongoing subscription or cost to your business
  • You want to see your payroll history in the one place on your mobile device
  • You want to minimise the time it takes to report STP
  • You want to keep on track with your business goals, with no worries about STP

Made in Australia. Made for your business.

Keen to learn more? Have a look at this guide to Single Touch Payroll, or the video below.

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Single Touch Payroll explained

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